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The Gas Truck


Originally published May 29, 2018 ack in the late 1980s a group went from Boulder, Colorado, USA to Juarez, Mexico to complete a simple block home that had been started for a Mexican pastor. There were eight or nine people in a van, representing at least four different churches from the Boulder area. Most of us really didn’t know each other. I believe they were all men with construction...

Encouragement & Provision – Part 3


My favorite story of God's provision is seen from the other side, when we got to participate in God's blessing on someone else. During our time in Juarez with International Family Missions we had the honor of working with dozens of churches and ministries, orphanages, safe houses, etc. By far my favorite place was a drug and alcohol rehab center for men called Agua Viva. It was a holy place...

The Sweet Fellowship of Battlefield Prayer


Recently, I was reminiscing with a friend about a great memory from the early 80's: a memory of the sweet fellowship of prayer. (Since these memories are a few decades old, I may not have all the details exactly right, but this is how I remember it.) When I was a Freshman at my high school, the seniors in my church group were each challenged to "adopt" one of the incoming Freshman, to encourage...

Encouragement & Provision – Part 2


The drive from Longmont, Colorado to Fabens, Texas usually takes about 11 hours. But for us, it was more than 20! The day after our great encouragement and anonymous provision we drove to our new home in Fabens, Texas. We had three vehicles in our caravan; a Subaru, a moving van with all of our worldly possessions, and a mini-van with all of our kids inside and two bicycles on top. We were...



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