Who has ever trusted God like that?

Discover true stories that demonstrate God operating in the lives of real people.



Read from a growing collection of personal testimonies showing God’s reality in our lives.

See the latest first-person or personally verified stories of God’s faithful interaction with His children.

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S. T. I.

The Scripture Testimony Index seeks to answer the question:

Who has ever trusted God like that?

Curated amazing stories of God’s reality in our lives from missionary biographies and personal narratives, organized by Scriptural topic.

Data Science

We’re telling stories with data.

The Scripture Testimony Index is based on the text of over 1,000 books, and uses data science to discover topics and correlations.

There are myriad other stories that can be discovered and told from this rich historical resource.



Browse the database of over 1,000 books from the past 200 years, which form the basis of the Scripture Testimony Index.

Browse by author, subject, topic, people group, or time. Each book is linked to where it can be downloaded or purchased.

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Many of the choicest public domain or out of print books in the Scripture Testimony Index have been re-released as eBooks and paperbacks, many with additional bibliographies or indices.


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Our Story

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The aim of this website is to provide stories that will act as virtual discipleship, demonstrating that God is truly our Good Father, that He loves us, that we can trust Him, and finally, that He wants us to work shoulder to shoulder with Him as we are still living in the unfinished Book of Acts.

Jenta Reads

This website came about as a side effect of an unlikely international fairy tale.

It’s the story of getting to know Jenta Reads in Jos, Nigeria.

It’s an incredible story you won’t want to miss!

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