Dear Digory 3


Dear Digory,
Your question is very disturbing to me, you are placing yourself in the dock by assuming to be the judge while in real sense you are not!
It is not a question of whether your neighbour deserves your love or not, it is whether you are so dead that you can ignore such human suffering.
Yes, he might be an unpleasant neighbour but that does not exclude him from “grace”.

Come to think of it, how many of us deserved it when Jesus died on the Cross?
If Jesus had had to come base on deserving, he wouldn’t have died for mankind. Who would die for such debase creatures?

Well, your generation has promoted so much the kind of position you are about to take. With all the mantra of ” Be yourself” “Be the real you” “I am the Landlord of my life” “I” “Me” and “You”, it is no surprise that your conscience does not judge you for ignoring to help your next door neighbour. Once, a neighbour used to mean another extension of your family that lived in another house!

Your neighbour doesn’t deserve your help, but you don’t have the power to not live like Christ! If you can see the big picture, perhaps you’ve been placed there in order for you to teach him and his entire household the ways of the Lord. You must never trivialize such opportunity. Love him, that’s a command, says our Father.

Love will make the difference and drag him to calvary. No one can resist love.

I know it won’t be easy loving a drunkard, but it is not too much for anyone who abides in Him.


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