Dear Digory 4


Dear Digory,

There will never be a perfect time to do what you want to do. Today is always the time that’s right to do what ought to be done. By the way, we aren’t even sure what tomorrow will be.

Time, my boy, is the coins of life on earth.
With it, you can access almost everything.
Sadly, no one ever has enough of it.

So, make best use of the time you have. Do the right things while you still can. Soon, sooner than you think, you will become old and full of wise thoughts with no energy to implement them or maybe you will be on this side with us, watching and shaking our heads at human folly. The good side of been here is that you will also see the courage, the seed of faith, the love of God and the beauty of been human.

Get it done right away, don’t forget the right things only.

  1. Yours,

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