The Signature of Wormwood


The Signature of Wormwood


All over the hand of the highly educated Wormwood is evident. I see the graduates of Tempters Training College executing the command of their Father.

I see Wormwood smiling at our cheapness and weakness.

I saw him, while standing on the main street road with my hart crafted to my head and a daughter of their (Screwtape’s) Enemy waggling her tail stopped and said, with no degree of shame, “Fine boy. Do you want me?”.


Wormwood is behind the confusion I see amongst my generation each time I converse with them. Wormwood is behind the forgetfulness which is cherished by folks of today about Narnia.

Right there, by the school gate I see him in the naked dresses we wear and the beautiless fashion we adorn! The Security man also bear the mark of Wormwood, with his self imposed authority.


The brother who told me he needs a new church all because he doesn’t like their Pastor’s cat, doesn’t know how Wormwood has laid hold on him.


I see Wormwood everyday. I see him around my life. He’s in the self praise of this post! On the pride that arise from thinking such things.


I see Wormwood in the ignorance of many folks who do not even know whom Wormwood is. I see Wormwood in the pretence and pride of many who will not be humble enough to ask ” Who is Wormwood?”.


I see Wormwood, with Screwtape beside him, having a sumptuous dinner of hate and sex scandals.

I see Wormwood.



  • Yet, Aslan isn’t far.

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