A Letter to Uncle Lewis


Dear Uncle Lewis,

It’s just nice writing a letter to a man of letters. It’s been years since you left the earth, but your books have refused to stop being bestsellers. You inspire a lot of people and answer many questions with your pen.

Yes, your books are scarce in some parts of the world but it is in those parts that they are treasured the most. I read Screwtape Letters when I was 12 or 13, I didn’t understand much but it changed everything about my words. I have since then been in love with letters. I have news for you, something that I am sure you would not be excited about. The culture of writing letters is quickly disappearing, worse still, most writings are done with machine. (You can trust that I am writing this with ink and paper, to be transferred to the computer later. Sorry about that.)

Did you enjoy the world of Narnia like I did at all? Sorry, I apologize for reading Narnia on a computer rather than as a printed text. We are creating that “Professor’s house” here in Jenta under the aegis of Jenta Reads Community Library. I hope people will find the wardrobes to their Narnia’s with it. Sometimes I wish Narnia was really real but it is not. However, I must say thank you for creating Narnia. It is a favourite for many people, in fact lovelier than Disney world. And of course, Narnia is the expression of God’s remains in man. Indeed, man was made in the image and likeness of God. He has the ability to imagine and create wonderful images.

Maybe all of these bore you now, in Glory, all of this human Glory appeal not. All that we chase here becomes dust when we appear at the feet of the Master. Heaven is the climax of all that is good. The glory of being a bestselling author or renowned apologist disappears when compared to the Glory of being in the presence of the Most High. Oh! Such a glory I hope to behold.

Even with such works like ours, the battle with atheism still wages on. It seems so far as there is still man on earth, there will always be non-believers. Nothing much has changed. It is still the same arguments. They still blame God for everything and yet still claim that He does not exist. After you have understood their point, then they say that you have misinterpreted them. When you have argued for long with them, they accuse you of being inconsistent. None of them is imperfect. They are just gods. That’s the sad thing about modern day atheism, honest atheists are no longer here.

I figured recently that the problem with this world is not anything else but man himself. And in fact, if there is anything that gives God trouble, it is man. Man is the best of God. Man represents the best expression of God, but unfortunately man has chosen to express the worst of himself. Man carries the best that could be thought of but contrary to that he has chosen to express the worst that cannot be imagined.
Yes, if we look closely and honestly, it is clear that the reason why man misbehaves is because he ignores the One he should look up to. We look up to education, status, knowledge, family, friends, etc as the safest zone, not knowing these are meant to lead us to the infiniteness of God’s love. Looking within intently does not provide the answers to us, rather it points us to a Higher personality. We are not alone. We cannot be alone. God is watching, He is seeing and He is aware. I hope to see Him someday.

On that day when we will all be reunited in Him and for Him. While I continue my pilgrim’s journey, I think it is fair to let you know that your lectures in that “hall out of which doors open into several rooms” have helped me a lot.

It will continue to be used as such.

I must tell you of certain men that have followed your path. Ravi Zacharias, Frank Turek, Lee Strobel, Gregory Boyd and another who recently joined the cloud of witnesses, Nabeel Qureshi. All these, among many others, have diligently been watchmen “helping the believers think, and helping the thinkers believe”.

I look forward to that Wedding Feast of the Lamb…. I will see you there. Regards to Pascal, Tolstoy, Muggeridge, Augustine, Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.

Tell all the others I haven’t forgotten about them, just that there is no enough ink and space to write their names all. And I have to be at the schools of “Pensees” with Professor Pascal in the next few minutes.

Your Student,
Lengdung Tungchammma.
Date on earth: 19th October, 2017.

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