dance on water

I stand
back to sea
hands clutching
black fabric tight
wind ripping
from my grip
and shoving salt
in my mouth

He stands
face to me
white robe waving
beaming with life
hands open wide

He takes my hand
spins me
His eyes,
smile, delight,
hand on hand
on hand

the waves crash
white foam pounding
in front
as we spin
and twirl
and step to the heart
beat of life

“come onto the water”

I stammer,
ribs clenching lungs,
my worth is void,
black as this dress,
but as each wave
at the folds
black fads
to snow

the shore is far
away but I,
I can feel
only His eyes
on mine
hand in hand
spin in
breathe out

Contributing author: Hannah Bauer

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