Dear Mother 3


Dear Mother,

I’m growing old. Growing old faster than I want. I’ve got some mustache and beard, all at this very small age. Aha, can we talk about my date of birth a little? Will you explain what really happened? Everyone, except me, agrees that this is not my age!

Well, why should it even matter? Age is just a number, 0-9.

A lot of amazing things have happened down here. I have told you about Pastor Thaine in the last letter I wrote to you. Recently, he came home, Nigeria. He brought in all those wonderful books I’ve hinted to you about. Not for me, mother, for something bigger than me! For Jenta Reads. Ever since Philip put up that Facebook post, our lives have never been the same!

I used to think my life has not started, that’s true. It still hasn’t but no matter what mother, this visit will forever be engraved in my memory! I know of only one person that can write about how I feel-C.S Lewis, and he is with you already! I will have to wait till I get there.

This may be the last time I will address you with the title “Mother”, it isn’t because I have grown Mother. It is because I found some people here just like you! They have taken me under their arms to nurture me as you would have done. These women, mother, love me as you did! They pray for me. They are interested in the number of hairs on my head and they are always spraying blessings on me! I love them as I do to you. The only difference with them is that they don’t have your spanking skill, no one ever had that!

Now I see why we will not ‘remember’ relations as we do on earth. It is because our small families will become a big family. The love we have for our family members on earth is the love we will have for everyone over there, and even more! Mother will not be an easy title for one person, as such there will be no need for that except if we are referring to Him that is All We Crave For.

Earth is not really cool. I have noticed that even the sweetest dreams must face the hard grills of human judgement, which is not always the best! Humans, for very long, have done the worst and expect the best!

With growth comes responsibility, my growth is no different! Many things are coming up, especially DaP, Jaming, and “Adventures for God”. There are lots of adventures to embark on, Adventures for God! I am starting here. As I have always said, I am not coming alone! We are coming with so many others, so many whom the Lord shall make our paths cross.

Do you remember that “1 Million People Impacted” project? Well, I just noticed that it is too small for this life I have been given. Mum, if you calculate all the people that have influenced me, all the dreams I inherited and all the books I have studied, it is not just so that my life will be like any that have crossed this earth! There is more for me! Very much than I can see right now.

Jesus did not die on the cross to obtain a degree. He didn’t die so that the statue in Rio will be erected in His honour, neither did He die so that He will build a massive religion such as Christianity. He died because He loved humans! That’s all! He didn’t even care about the earth’s gold, about the earth’s fame, about the earth’s resources and He didn’t even care about Space, about Pluto, Saturn or Mercury, he didn’t care about Atomic Bomb or Artificial Intelligence! Mum, everyone deserves to hear this-the rest of my life will be spent doing so! And even those who do not believe this is real, they deserve to meet Jesus in person and talk to Him-hence, apologetics!
And all of this, Mother, is because His is the battle and His is the praise, I will simply be the Donkey! Oh how sweet it is to be ridden by the Greatest of the Greatest, to Him whom Kings bow to and whom the 24 cry “Holy, Holy”.

If this be the last letter I write to you, understand that it is not because I have grown, it is because I have become a child again and have gotten some Mothers just like you. I repeat, just like you!

And isn’t it time I begin to think about producing some Lengdung’s for the world too? (Tongue out).

I didn’t say that, don’t expect any. I’m not joking!

For the last time, I love you Mother! Regards to Jim Elliot and his team, they inspire me! Make sure you visit C.S Lewis any time, soon!

Wait, is there time in heaven?

Your Son, Your Only Son Still Here,
Lengdung Tungchamma.

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