The Pull


A boy was flying his kite one day,
Up out of sight, away, away.
It had soared till not a speck was seen;
Yet he stood there, holding the string, serene.

“How do you know you have a kite?”
Asked a passerby as he saw the sight,
Of the boy standing there, gazing aloft
His hair all ruffled by breezes soft.

“You had a kite, you have a string,
But where is the kite? You see not a thing.
Maybe it’s gone, blown far from here.
How do you know it’s still up there?”

“I know it’s there,” laughed the boy aloud,
His keen eyes fixed on a lacy cloud.
I don’t have to see it; the wind is full
And my kite’s up there; I feel the pull.

And so it is in the Christian life.
We have an anchor to windward against stress and strife.
Even though clouds obscure His face,
We need not doubt Him. We keep our place.

Serene and steady we’re not alone;
Up there is Jesus beside the throne.
We know He’s there, our hearts are full
Of confidence – we feel His pull.

Unseen He is by human eye,
And the scoffing skeptic is prone to cry,
“What do you hope for? It’s all a dream,
A nebulous myth; no Christ you’ve seen.”

But then we can serenely go on the while.
We don’t have to see Him, we sense His smile.
And we’ll see Him soon for faith is full
Of peace and assurance – we feel His pull.


This wonderful poem was written by Bill Shields in 1976. It was contributed to by Eb Roell, who made every effort to find Mr. Shields for permission. Please contact us if you know how to reach the author.

About the author

Thaine Norris

As a follower of Jesus, I am a collector and publisher of faith testimonies to the glory of God.

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By Thaine Norris



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