Born to Die


Before the dawn of all creation
There was no matter, time or space.
The start of all, its destination,
Man’s fall and God’s redeeming grace

Are in His Holy Word revealed.
God-breathed, it is alive to bless
With truths from science well concealed.
Man’s wisdom lauds God’s foolishness.

God is the Father, Son and Spirit
In perfect union, Trinity,
Sublime, supreme and without limit
In love, in justice, purity.

His Spirit in a frame all human,
With mind, emotion, and a will,
To understand, to feel, determine.
Thus man was made and stayed, until

The eerie sound of his rebellion
Caused discord in the symphony
And shrieked into God’s sweet dominion,
Dispelling peace and harmony.

“Yea, hath God said”, the serpent lied,
Thus tempted sinless man to sin.
Man listened, then God’s truth denied.
The devil’s pow’r had entered in.

The law of Moses was a mirror,
Which God gave us in preparation,
Reflecting unto us our error,
Conditioned us for His salvation.

Since now God’s well-known laws were broken,
Exceeding sinful sin became.
God gave in foresight man a token
Of remedy for sin and shame.

As symbol of sin’s awful price
Man in obedience to God
Brought lambs and bulls as sacrifice.
Just perfect males would shed their blood.

The High Priest entered once a year
The Inner Court, not without blood.
Behind the veil He would draw near
To mediate for us with God.

When time was ripe God flesh became,
Fulfilling ancient prophecy,
For in His Son He’d bear our shame
As Lamb of God on Calvary.

While women on this earth conceive
And then bring forth, who could deny,
In pain a life that it might live,
God’s Son was born that He might die.

And now, O blind, that you might see,
Look back to hist’ry’s focal point.
Behold the Man of Galilee.
Perceive this hour in your mind.

For here, amidst a jeering crowd,
For you and me there on that hill,
Christ stands, His head in silence bowed,
Committed to His Father’s will.

His brow is crowned with thorns of mock.
They spit into His tortured face.
The blood runs down His beaten back,
And yet His heart is full of grace.

Now stretched out on the cross he bore,
With nails through both His hands and feet,
He prays for those who, just before,
In ignorance performed this deed.

Despised by man, by God forsaken,
With hours passed, He bows His head.
The goal achieved, the vict’ry taken,
The Son of God and man is dead.

The sun’s obscured. The dead arise.
The earth revolts, which He had trod.
The veil is torn. A soldier says:
“Truly, this was the Son of God.”

O creature, wilt thou comprehend?
This form of flesh created thee.
The One who was omnipotent
At thy hands suffered willingly.

He left His glorious home above;
Laid down His rights as God of all.
He bound Himself with bonds of love
To save us from our sins and hell.

No greater love has mortal man
Than he who for a friend would die.
Yet Jesus was our savior when
We sinners did Him crucify.

Alas, the grave could not conceal
The One who gives us life and breath.
As was His predetermined will,
He was triumphant over death.

And now He lives and reigns forever,
Exalted at His Father’s right.
As Lord and King He’ll heal, deliver
Those blind, who know they’re without sight.

The carpet is rolled out in grace,
Stained red with Jesus’ precious blood,
That we, as sinners poor, can face
The boundless riches of our God.

Come knock, repent, and you’ll receive
His total pardon for your sins.
If you will with your heart believe,
Then everlasting life begins.

Yes come to Jesus. Freely give
To Him your life, that you might live.

About the author

Thaine Norris

As a follower of Jesus, I am a collector and publisher of faith testimonies to the glory of God.

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By Thaine Norris



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