Piercing The Night


Africa... What does that word bring to mind? Some think of jungles, lions, and snakes; others, of poverty 10,000 miles away. Still others think of coups d'état, medal-bedecked dictators, and economies on the brink. Come on a journey and see: a young boy in war-time Germany; a guy in his thirties contributing to German/American relations by marrying the commanding general's daughter; an adventurous family's cultural immersion into black Africa; a white-man's face-off with AK-47-toting renegade soldiers; a missionary walking the edge, while half a dozen of his friends don't make it. Post-Amin Uganda was still hell on earth for most. Eb Roell and his wife, Debbie, tried to shine a bit of light into the darkness. If, beyond surviving, they succeeded, then it wasn't because of intelligence, experience, or daring--it was, as the song says, due to "Amazing Grace." This book will put you into Africa. It will help you see how it works--or doesn't. Culture, politics, language, the white elephants of misguided western aid, the drama of staying alive while trying to effect a difference--it's all there. So have a seat and take a trip.

Book Review

This book is the biography of Eb Roell, a frequent contributor to walkingtogether.life. Many of the stories in the Testimony section come from this book, whetting the appetite for more. Eb has graciously provided walkingtogether.life with a PDF version of the book, which you are free to download and read on your electronic device. Click the button below to download your copy today!

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