Dancing Together

My life is a dance.
Me and my savior,

He approaches me confidently.
clothed with kindness and stretching out his hand,
he invites me to join in his celebration while I am alone
at the edge of the dance floor watching the real dancers spin.

Looking down at my own garments of selfishness and pride, I just cannot accept his invitation.
“I don’t know how to dance,” I reply,
“and my clothes are too dirty.
I’m not worthy.

You don’t actually want me.”

“Oh no, my sweet one.” He responds,
“You have missed the whole point.
Nothing here is about you or any of your inadequacies,
but about my own ability.
Take my hand and follow me.
Let me show you the steps.”

Slowly, timidly, I grab his hand and walk with him into the middle of the floor.
Oh my goodness, I do my very best at trying to dance the way the rest of the dancers do,
but with every step I take,
I trip.
I fall.

I let my dance partner down.

At last, I can’t take it anymore,
my body collapses in a heap,


“Jesus, I can’t do it;
you have the wrong girl.
I told you you don’t want me!
I knew all along!”

Shaking his head, he tells me gently,
“No, my child.
I love you.
I want you.
I do want you.
I want to dance with you.
Let me help you up and lead you through the steps of joy
so you can stop trying and follow me.

I will take care of you.”

Gently, he lifts my bruised, wounded body out of my mud puddle.
He holds my hands once more and I take his.

We dance.
First small steps, perfectly in time with the music.
Perfectly in time with him because HE knows the steps.
I no longer exist as a mere spectator on the outside,
but finally get to partake in this magnanimous celebration.

We start taking more intricate steps,
and to my amazement,
it’s not hard.
This dance is incredibly easy.
My job is only to follow.

When I take my eyes off of him and look at the dancers around us,
I trip.
I stumble, or even fall, but my Jesus is always patient,
always loving and tells me, “Just look at me. Follow me.”

And again I can look back into his eyes and follow him,
for he is the one leading because he knows the way.

Then again, he stares deep in my eyes
with that same glory and excitement as when he first called me to himself,
“Come, Maria,

my Love,

I want to do so much more with you.
Keep following my lead just as you are,
and I will show you what beautiful dancing you and I are capable of together.
You do not need to worry.
Just follow”

With that, we take off running,
sprinting, even, across the floor.
He holds me by my waist with his strong hands
and lifts me high over his head
and spins me way up there. I’m flying!
We both laugh in sheer joy and excitement.
He puts me down and holds my body close to his
and whispers in my ear, “What did you think of that?”

“I’ve never done anything like that. Can we do it again?” I reply in wonder and awe.

“Oh yes, my beauty, this and much more.
You will never be able to imagine what we will accomplish together.”

And so we continue to dance.


About the author

Thaine Norris

As a follower of Jesus, I am a collector and publisher of faith testimonies to the glory of God.

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By Thaine Norris



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