AuthorEb Roell

Getting Unstuck In Thailand


The drama of stranded Air-Siam customers must have played out much earlier; we were likely the last stragglers. We felt that WEXAS owed us replacement tickets but, given the failures of others, believed that only God could persuade them. Mike, as one might expect, was skeptical and told us that, if He did, he would submit his life to God. Dependence on the Almighty was easy to claim—after all, we...

Child-Like Faith


Jesus says we must have child-like faith, and He describes our Heavenly Father as a giver of good gifts. In this simple story we see that we can simply trust Him, even for seemingly small things, because He loves us!

The Calling


The thought of God revealing Himself in a supernatural, i.e. miraculous, way to any of us in our modern age is almost beyond comprehension for the sophisticated mind. Yes, one reads in the Bible about that happening many times – an ax head floating (2. Kings 6:6), Samson’s power collapsing a temple (Judges 16), Jesus’ proof to an inquiring John the Baptist that the blind see, the lame walk, the...

Opened Without a Key


he first time Debbie, our children Karsten and Misha, and I were poised to cross the Kenya/Uganda border, we were brimming with hope and expectation. We were about to step over the threshold of the venture for which we had prepared, uprooted ourselves and traveled to this continent. As we started this new chapter, we had no idea that ahead of us lay not only exciting adventures, but also...

One Fancy Ride


One of the most remarkable experiences of our West Africa trip happened on our last day in Sierra Leone. We had arrived in Freetown, the Sierra-Leonean capital – named by British abolitionists and designated for repatriated slaves – then had traversed about two-thirds of the southern half of the country.



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