AuthorThaine Norris

As a follower of Jesus, I am a collector and publisher of faith testimonies to the glory of God.

Who Is Jesus?


The ancient Greek writing traditionally called The Gospel of John is a testimony to the identity of Jesus. John 20:31 declares that it was written for a very specific purpose.

to be swallowed by life


i feel it
when the leaves
first bud from tree
limbs emerging from barren
months when light filters
the birds chorus
opening their mouths after
long winter-silence
so sweet from absence
their wings open sparkling
blue red stained glass
catching the wind take flight
aimed for the Source
of light

The Woman on the Bus


Greyhound buses in the 1980's were a humble--no miserable--form of cross country travel. It took around 36 hours to make the 1,200 mile trip from San Luis Obispo, California to Boulder, Colorado in a stuffy bus that was really just a giant ash tray because of the "smoking section" in the back. I was 16 years old and perhaps a bit snobby in my opinion of what was to come on this journey with the...

East Never Meets West


Only about fifty percent of my mind followed the reading of Psalm 103 by my wife Debbie’s brother-in-law, Ron. We were at the memorial service for her mom, Mrs. George S. Blanchard on October 6 in Fairfax County, VA. The other fifty percent occupied me with my impending reading from John 11, just minutes away. Well, fifty not quite. At verse twelve, my cerebral cortex, such as it is, must have...

dance on water


I stand here back to sea hands clutching black fabric tight wind ripping from my grip and shoving salt in my mouth He stands there face to me white robe waving beaming with life hands open wide He takes my hand spins me out His eyes, reckless, smile, delight, hand on hand on hand the waves crash white foam pounding behind in front as we spin and twirl and step to the heart beat of life “come onto...

Rees Howells: Intercessor


In this biography of Rees Howells, whose mastery of intercessory prayer had global consequences, we discover rich truths of the Spirit for all the church today. Norman Grubb tells the story with simplicity, humanity, and humor.

Though I am chosen…


Though I am chosen of Thee and honored by a high and holy calling, let me never forget that I am but a man of dust and ashes, a man with all the natural faults and passions that plague the race of men. - A. W. Tozer, from God Tells the Man Who Cares: God Speaks to Those Who Take the Time to Listen

We learned a lesson…


We learned a lesson that morning. When we arrive at the end of our own strength it is not defeat, but the start of tapping into God’s boundless resources. It is when we are weak that we are strong in God. - Brother Yun, from The Heavenly Man



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