AuthorLengdung Tungchamma

The Book of Job


Since the beginning of this year, 2019, I have been roaming around the book of Job. I have read it countless times; many times, I will just keep reading the same chapter for several days…repetitively. Although it is a repetitive process I am engaging in, I tell you the truth, I have not for one moment thought that I was bored. I have never even thought about that until now that I am typing...

God Has A Plan


In 2009 I was offered a scholarship to study in a school in Jos. It was a full scholarship, all tuition covered for 6 years. The school was enchanting and really cool. It would have been fun in a remarkable way. Even before the school sessions started, the Principal loved me. My family were all excited about the prospects and Mother wore it as a badge. But it was not to be.

The Paradox of Jenta


We must lay down our arms, the ones of doctrines that we've used to shoot each other for a long time now, and acknowledge that we are not fighting a doctrinal or sectarian battle. We are up against "a way of life" and only Christ can change lives into something greater. I've asked myself again and again, if Jesus (in me) walks this street, what will He do? And how different will this street be...

Dear Mother 3


Dear Mother, I’m growing old. Growing old faster than I want. I’ve got some mustache and beard, all at this very small age. Aha, can we talk about my date of birth a little? Will you explain what really happened? Everyone, except me, agrees that this is not my age! Well, why should it even matter? Age is just a number, 0-9. A lot of amazing things have happened down here. I have told you about...

A Letter to Uncle Lewis – 2


Dear Uncle Lewis, There is no one among my peers to say this to, everyone is busy with their smart phone and parents are busy buying smart phones for their children. Even those who might listen to me will think I am outdated or absurd, anything that is not post-modern is not to be reckoned with. You know where they get all of these instructions from? Their smartphones. I am still marveled at how...

A Letter to Uncle Lewis


Dear Uncle Lewis, It’s just nice writing a letter to a man of letters. It’s been years since you left the earth, but your books have refused to stop being bestsellers. You inspire a lot of people and answer many questions with your pen. Yes, your books are scarce in some parts of the world but it is in those parts that they are treasured the most. I read Screwtape Letters when I was 12 or 13, I...

The Signature of Wormwood


The Signature of Wormwood   All over the hand of the highly educated Wormwood is evident. I see the graduates of Tempters Training College executing the command of their Father. I see Wormwood smiling at our cheapness and weakness. I saw him, while standing on the main street road with my hart crafted to my head and a daughter of their (Screwtape’s) Enemy waggling her tail stopped and...

Dear Digory 4


Dear Digory, There will never be a perfect time to do what you want to do. Today is always the time that’s right to do what ought to be done. By the way, we aren’t even sure what tomorrow will be. Time, my boy, is the coins of life on earth. With it, you can access almost everything. Sadly, no one ever has enough of it. So, make best use of the time you have. Do the right things while...

Dear Digory 3


Dear Digory, Your question is very disturbing to me, you are placing yourself in the dock by assuming to be the judge while in real sense you are not! It is not a question of whether your neighbour deserves your love or not, it is whether you are so dead that you can ignore such human suffering. Yes, he might be an unpleasant neighbour but that does not exclude him from “grace”. Come...

Dear Digory 2


Dear Digory, No need to worry. Even Lucifer knows who is going to win this war. Sorry, who has won this war! As a Christian, you do not fight for victory, you fight from victory! Truth was buried for three days, yet he rose again. He’s victory. He has conquered all, including all your fears that perhaps Christians are loosing the fight. And Oh, the battle is not ours, it is the Lord’s...



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