Smuggling Light

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Esther Chang
Publisher:Whitaker House
Location:New Kensington
Library:Physical collection at

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The news about Esther’s death was no surprise to many who knew she was sick, but the news of her restoration to life left many dumbfounded. Her grandfather, who prayed against all odds, for her restoration to life was previously questioned and mocked for his faith, but with this miracle; it was obvious to all that he served a powerful God.
A group of believers in Shengyang hoping to evade arrest by the local police, often went to the mountainside to worship. One day, the Holy Spirit fell upon them while they were praying and many received the gift of speaking in strange tongues.
After much hesitation, Esther's brother; a sick police officer in Dandong, agrees to follow her to an underground Christian meeting. He began to feel better that day after he was prayed for by the believers at the meeting, and five days afterwards, he was completely healed.
When a Korean-Chinese girl asked Esther to pray for her to be healed from tuberculosis, Esther first led her to Christ and then laid hands on her and began to pray. Instantly she was healed, and a second medical examination confirmed the complete absence of tuberculosis in her body.
While in North Korea, Esther Chang defied the law of Kim Jong II, by boldly proclaiming that; only the one through God - Jesus Christ, could grant salvation and eternal life.
A North Korean family of new believers learned that they no longer had to resort to lying and stealing to provide for their daily bread. Instead, they could follow God's ways and trust Him to provide.
Esther Chang admonished a family of young believers to ask of the Lord whenever in need and He will answer. They take heed and a month later, God uses her to answer their prayers for food.
Esther Chang risked treason by sharing the gospel with a dejected war veteran while still under investigation. That same day, her life changed completely - for the better!
While Esther was in prison, the water pipes were frozen and no one could bathe. One day, at the request of one of her prison converts, Esther led the other prisoners in her cell to hold hands together and pray for water. Without any delay, God honoured their faith.
While in prison, Esther Chang yielded fully to God; allowing her light shine so well that she won many prisoners to Christ. And as a result of their new life in Christ, strife and disloyalty was replaced with great love for one another. So great was this new love and increasing unity among the prisoners that the prison authorities felt threatened.
The drinking water at the prison had become polluted with waste chemicals. Esther and her cell mates got together and prayed to God for clean drinking water, and to the amazement of all, God honoured their faith again. Many, including a prison warden openly praised the Lord because of this miracle.