When God Provides

Publisher:Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Library:OMF US Library and Archives

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When Alau ran short of money and food in school, he simply prayed to God that his needs be provided. The next day, God provided in answer to his prayer.
On two different occasions, Jarem and his family experienced the faithfulness of God in miraculously providing their daily bread when all hope was seemingly lost.
In a time when provisions were leaner than usual, Gillian Hunt and other missionaries at the OMF Mission Home in Kuala Lumpur experienced for themselves, God's commitment to fulfilling his promise to give his children good things!
With no personal remittance to come her way for an entire quarter, Margret looked set to endure a hard time, but God being God, provided at different times all she needed throughout that period to carry out his work in Thailand.
A humungous amount was needed to offset the Value Added Tax of the OMF and when the time came to pay the required sum, the God who sees and provides was there to meet this important need.
While they were still praying about their financial needs one morning, the OMF USA had their prayers answered as a mail came in with a check more than enough to meet their needs.
When Larry moved to Thailand for missionary service, he had to deal with a world much different from the one he was used to at home in the US. And inspired by the exemplary life of Mr. Itch, a Thai believer, Larry learned to be modest and content.
Cecily needed $200 dollars to pay for an operation to be carried out on her teeth. Knowing she did not have the said sum, she prayed to God and on reaching home she was pleased to learn that God had moved a friend beforehand to gift her the exact amount!
When an OMF staff yielded to the call to put God to the test by giving to His work ourselves so that He can give more to us, she finds God faithful as soon after giving, she too was blessed to receive.
Peter and Geralyn Anderson were to host the Heavenly Melody choir from Thailand and needed a comfortable vehicle for the team and equipment. They committed their need to God and just when they thought it will be impossible to have this need met, God stepped in to provide for His own work.
The Timm's had taken out a particular sum from their everyday personal funds to purchase a projector for their work; trusting that the Lord will provide for their needs. They were grateful to realize at the end of the quarter that the exact sum they took out was returned in the various little gifts they received that quarter.