To Believe But Also to Suffer, The Story of Today’s Heroes Behind the Iron Curtain

Genre:People group
Subject:Persecuted Believers
Publisher:Slavic Gospel Association
Library:Jenta Reads Community Library

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Having spent days distributing smuggled Bibles in an eastern European country, Marguerite and her team were disappointed to find two Bibles just when they thought they had distributed all. They took the matter to God asking His direction, and His remarkable answer to the prayer left them shocked.
While Marguerite and her team were in far away eastern Europe one night trying to deliver two smuggled large print Bibles to needy believers in a country there, unbeknownst to them, a believer in their home country was at that very moment interceding that they will be successful, and they were!
Johann's fidelity to preaching the gospel as it is got him into trouble, he lost his license, church, home, and livelihood and as a result, he had to move his family of ten to a most inconvenient apartment. But their pitiful condition notwithstanding, this family was filled only with thanksgiving to God and a sense of contentment that remains exemplary.
Maria first heard the gospel of Jesus passively over the radio, but as she continued to tune in to the channel she first heard the gospel proclaimed, she eventually became a Christian. And soon she was telling her neighbors about her experience and before long, an entire neighborhood came to believe in the Lord through the radio, and that community of believers continues to thrive today.
After a church was demolished by the government without any compensation at all, God's children set out immediately to find another location and soon began to rebuild, and as they were building, every need was supplied. Before long the church was opened, completely debt-free with ten times more people attending than before.
The testimony of Mikhail's passionate quest to understand the Bible more intimately for himself led him to a radio broadcast and soon helped win his wife and eventually his whole family to the Kingdom of God.
The Mikhail family soon after their conversion were brought into a season of severe testing, they lost their home to a terrible storm and were quickly the subject of mockery in their neighbourhood. But this family bore the misfortune with hope, hymns and thanksgiving and by their testimony, other members of their extended family were drawn to the light of the gospel.
The Albanian state in 1967 declared itself completely atheistic and as a result, a clampdown on churches began; not only were church buildings confiscated and repurposed but believers were imprisoned and some were even murdered for no other crime than their belief in Jesus Christ.
A small group of Albanian believers were gathered together to secretly celebrate easter when their meeting got interrupted by soldiers. They were so badly beaten that the Bishop who presided over the meeting died the following day.
Poor, crippled and all alone, an Albanian believer, of whom the world is not worthy, continues to provide inspiration, hope and guidance to other believers and non-believers alike. Her disability has done nothing to deter her ministry to these people!
Members of the Slavic Gospel Association were blessed to enjoy the humble, yet heartwarming hospitality of a poor Christian family on the Soviet Border. They had only a little, yet they were very pleased to share it with others.
Members of the Slavic Gospel Association have been blessed to enjoy God's direction as they travel around Eastern Europe to do His bidding. They have been led to the right people at the right time with the right supplies and support.
In answer to prayers, false charges of financial and sexual misconduct brought up against a faithful minister of God were dropped and the work of God was allowed to continue unhindered.