Out of the Dust Story of an Unlikely Missionary

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Avis Goodheart
Publisher:ANEKO Press
Library:Physical collection at walkingtogether.life

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Avis and her entire family were traveling up a twisty mountain road one night when a tire from their car blew. With no money in his pockets, their father rushed to get it fixed but was amazed to discover that the tire had fixed itself when he got to the second garage. Immediately he rushed back to his family to declaring; “I can’t believe it. I didn’t know what I was going to do,” he said, adding, “I didn’t have a cent. Only God could have healed that tire.”
12 year old Avis was so touched by the kindness shown to her family by a young missionary couple with very little means for a few days when their car broke down near Gallup New Mexico. Seeing God's great love at work through this couple sowed the fertile seed for missionary service in Avis' heart.
While at a conference in Brazil, Avis Goodheart is amazed to see Ana Mendez; a Mexican believer preach for two whole hours in perfect Portuguese; a language Ana previously knew nothing about. When asked how she did it, “Not with the mind, but through the spirit,” was her simple reply.
When Auden Lujan was asked by Avis Goodhart to go serve fulltime in Peru, she was unwilling to go. But she prayed, asking for a rather difficult sign from God - and amazingly, she got the sign. She left for Peru, certain that God wanted her there.
Avis had a burden for the displaced women and children who fled the fighting of the drug Lords and ended up in Las Palmeras. She not only reached them with the Gospel, but helped to meet their temporal needs; she set up a feeding station to feed them, and eventually trained the women in craftsmaking and provided a home to destitute kids.
Lorene Vickery was nicknamed "the shoebox lady" for her incredible dedication to her work. Wholeheartedly, she gave her time and energy to packing shoeboxes with essential supplies and toys for victims of natural disasters and displaced kids in Honduras and Peru.
When she heard that the new converts she helped lead to Christ were gathered together to pray, Avis Goodhart happily joined them. There she encouraged them; took a 12 hour bus trip to get everyone a Bible, studied the Bible with them; eventually birthing the Las Palmeras Bible study, which later became a church.
A group of Canadian Christians engage in “asking the Lord” about random people in need of ministry, and the Lord directs them with specific words of knowledge. Armed with this information, they go about ministry to specific people, leading some to Christ.