I Cried, He Answered, A Faithful Record of Remarkable Answers to Prayer

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Nine years before he wrote this testimony, Buddy's sister was about to undergo a life-threatening medical procedure with a 1/100 chance for survival, and though she was 500 miles away, he went to God at that moment to pray for her. By the next morning, he learned that she was well and even wanted to see him!
Having heard Dr. R. A. Torrey teach on divine healing, a student at the Bible Institute in Chicago, who was suffering with his eyesight and could not even read his books as a result met Dr. Torrey about his condition. And following the protocol in James 5:14-16, Dr. Torrey anointed this brother and that same day, he was able to read and resume his school work!
In an hour of failing strength, when he doubted his ability to go through with a service, a preacher mysteriously finds his strength renewed and completely rested. It was only later that he discovered that at that particular time, two groups of believers in different places were praying to God on his behalf.
A father whose son had been given up to die by the doctor took the responsibility to cry earnestly to God for his son's life. He arose full of faith and declared that it was well with his son and the next morning it was just like he had declared!
Mrs. E was overcome with fear as the time for her surgical operation drew near and before long she could not sleep again and began to agonize. But as she picked her Bible and read, God's peace calmed her troubled heart. It was after the successful surgery she learned that at that moment when she feared the worst, two of her friends were up praying for her.
“I have felt the pull of your prayers, I hope this meets your need," was the remarkable note from Pennsylvania that came with a check for the exact amount of money a missionary in Africa had been praying for.
In response to the prayers of His children, God moved hearts—without any one having to solicit—to contribute to a fund for building a much needed auditorium for the Park Memorial Baptist Church.
When a brother was directed to give out a particular amount of money to a particular man, he was sure the recipient will be surprised. But it was he who ended up surprised when they recipient wrote back to say, he was expecting the exact sum having prayed to God about it.
A church needed $1,000 to pay off the balance on a land it had purchased for a building, and as they prayed to God about this need one Saturday morning, God touched the heart of one who was at the meeting to meet this important need! And despite the temptations to do otherwise, she obeyed God!
In answer to prayer, God sent a timely supply of flour to a needy Pastor and his family. The circumstances were so remarkable that it was a witness to many unbelieving people nearby, who saw for themselves that surely in heaven resides a God who answers prayers!
A pastor and his family had just committed their need for food to One who alone is faithful to provide for His children, when a young woman came to their house. Her mission was simple; God had directed her clearly to bring some money to the family and this she did despite being initially hesitant.
Mrs. J. W took her little daughter's advice to pray to God as a raging fire neared their home. And the result of this believing prayer was that not only her house, but the entire street was saved from the disaster!
Eighty-six men were trapped after an explosion at the Cross Mountain Mine. Two days later, as dead bodies began to be recovered from the mine, Mr. Wood had already had the graves of his brother in-law and nephew dug. But Mrs. Henderson, who had been praying since the incident, had confident assurance that her son and husband would be rescued alive! Indeed, her husband and son were rescued alongside three others, and the five of them were the only survivors.
An evangelist obeys the leading of the Spirit to embark on a journey of 2000 miles even when he had not a dime to pay his way. He got his suitcase ready and just before reaching the train, a stranger handed him enough money for his trip.
A believer was at a crossroad, not knowing where exactly in the service of God he should be. He asked for a sign and God gave it to him; making clear to him how he was to labour for the kingdom.
A believer's definite prayer for guidance on finding a job is answered almost immediately and remarkably so.