Recollections of an Evangelist

Genre:Evangelist biography
Subject:Robert Gribble
Publisher:W. Yapp
Library:Brethren Archive

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

After giving several excuses, a shoemaker attended a meeting where he listened to the message of the gospel and was deeply affected. He surrendered his life to Christ and became a new creature, able to persevere through trials.
A man who came to mock the sacred things of God was convicted by God. He converted the next day.
A woman who invited Robert Gribble into her neighborhood becomes the first to enjoy the blessing of the Lord in regard to his visit demonstrating Matthew 10:13.
Mr. W. M. was at the end of his life, but he had not yet given his life to Christ, because he thought his sin was too great to be forgiven by God. Through conversation with evangelist Robert Gribble, Mr. M came to the understanding that Christ forgave completely, and he found peace in Christ.
A man who had been "thoroughly immersed in sporting, and other worldly amusements" received the Lord and became a preacher. This was the result of the tireless confidence of his sister who was the only Christian in the whole community for a period; eventually, numerous people in the community converted and a church was erected.
Robert Gribble was moved to change his residence, he obeyed and was led to a village that had a great need for the gospel. He reached the unreached with the Gospel of Christ, by the end of his seven years' stay, he had introduced the gospel to five different places and between eighty to hundred people had converted.