Rees Howells, Intercessor

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The story of evangelist Maurice Reuben living according to The Sermon on the Mount led Rees Howells to faith.
The Holy Spirit engages Rees Howells, urging him to surrender his life completely, and back and forth, this engagement continued. On the fifth day, Rees finally said yes to Abundant life.
Rees Howells learned to love the unlovely ones as God used Matthew 5:40-42 to open his eyes to the plight of the homeless.
Rees Howells is rebuked by the Holy Spirit for allowing jealousy grow in his heart toward his friend whom the Lord used mightily to bless His people at an open air meeting. Rees learned detest jealousy and trust God more from this experience.
Miss Elizabeth Hannah Jones is urged by the Lord to obey "the golden rule" by allowing Mr. Howells, her would-be husband embark on a journey that could jeopardize his health and their future. She obeys and the Lord steps in and does the impossible.