How I Know God Answers Prayer

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Rosalind Goforth
Publisher:Harper & Brothers
Location:New York
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Rosalind Goforth determines to go to church, going back on an earlier decision to not go for the lack of suitable clothing, after she stumbles on this portion of scripture: "Why take ye thought for raiment . . . seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you." The very next day, a box with not only new clothes arrived for her.
Wang Feng-ao was a proud, overbearing Confucian who despised Christianity so much so that he beat his wife each time she listened to or visited missionaries. But all that changed and a new man was born, when God used a dream to awaken his conscience.
One day, after about a year of struggling almost in vain to learn Chinese, Mr. Goforth found an unusual help and communicated effectively to the locals. Two months later, he learnt that on that very day, students at Knox College in far away America, met specially to pray for him.
The Goforth's eighteen month old was very sick, and all attempts to save the toddler from dysentery seemed futile. Death, it seemed, was imminent. But as both parents knelt down to commit the little boy's soul to his Maker, the totally unexpected happened.
Rosalind Goforth and her kids were trying to flee China in the wake of a Boxer crisis, asides what they had on their bodies; they had no other clothes for the long voyage home. Rosalind took to her knees and cried out to God; twice she prayed, and twice, God answered her prayers most amazingly.