Miracles, 32 True Stories

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Bryon and Ruthie could only afford "junky toys" as Christmas gifts for their children. But on Christmas day, the God who gives His children good things showed up, and that Christmas became a truly memorable one for their family.
Years of uncontrolled indulgence in drinking left Bob a broken man; his wife, having had enough, left with the kids. He was all alone and in the midst of that darkness, he cried out to the Lord for help and found grace to quit drinking.
Joanie Hileman experiences God's timely provision and the blessing of someone who gave in secret.
A man who has cancer receives healing due to the prayers of his friends, despite his indifference.
Belinda Townsend finds warmth and peace in the Lord as she mourned the loss of her son - Benjamin, who committed suicide.
After Ben's death, the Townsends were urged by many to sue the physicians who attended to and under treated their son. But even with an assurance of victory in the courts, the Townsends chose forgiveness; they chose to not be bitter or take revenge.