Living a Life of Fire, an Autobiography

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For years, August Bonnke was bedridden and writhing in pain, having come down with an unknown ailment. And day and night he cried, with doctors unable to do anything about his condition. But when one day, Louis Graf walked into the Bonnke's household, a miracle; with timeless implications was wrought; August, against all odds, was made well again!
When Bonnke's mom caught him stealing, it was no time for judgement, instead she told her son about Jesus and led him that same day to receive the Lord as His saviour.
In what was an unforgettable experience, Reinhard Bonnke's mother, after a disappointing service where she expected to receive the gift of speaking in tongues, was in her own room afterwards, blessed with this very gift!
Through a vision an elderly lady in church received; that left even his doubtful father dumbfounded, eleven-year-old Reinhard Bonnke's call to missions in Africa was confirmed!
At the tender age of eleven, on a day he describes as the first day of the rest of his life, Reinhard Bonnke received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was blessed with the gift of speaking in another tongue!
Right from the young age of eleven, Reinhard Bonnke proved for himself that undeed, the Holy Spirit gives power to proclaim the gospel. He confirmed this when a man stepped forward to accept the Lord Jesus after a simple sermon he preached!
During a prayer meeting, young Bonnke was led by the Spirit to lay his hands upon a woman who had requested prayers for an illness. The result of his obedience was literally electrifying!
Bonnke had a vision that not only was his call to Missions in Africa re-emphasized, but also, the omniscience of God was undoubtedly evident!
During a prayer meeting in Krempe, God spoke separately but at the same time, to 16-year-old Reinhard Bonnke and 17-year-old Manfred Fischer. The instruction was crystal clear: they were to go preach in another town!
The Spirit of the Lord moved powerfully as Reinhard Bonnke and a group of friends honoured an invitation to preach in Tostedt. And decades later, one who was at that meeting, met Bonnke to reminisce about that unforgettable meeting!
Bonnke and his father had a sharp disagreement on their way to a prayer meeting. But as the prayers were ongoing, the Lord revealed this rift through a vision to one who was at the meeting and Bonnke's father was convicted of his sins. Publicly, he asked for his son's forgiveness, and two, united in love, embraced each other even as tears flowed freely.