Tortured for His Faith

Genre:Biography or personal narrative
Subject:Haralan Popov
Location:Grand Rapids
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Harlan Popov hears God's voice and experiences the assurance of His presence while in captivity.
In a bid to destroy the church in Bulgaria, blatantly false testimonies were beared against its leaders. Pastor Ivanoff was sentenced to life imprisonment and his properties confiscated -- because of the false testimony of a marmalade factory engineer.
Locked away in solitary confinement and nearing the point of "madness and despair", Harlan Popov hears clearly, the comforting and assuring words of Jesus.
Harlan Popov was given the chance to become an informant for the barracks Chief, betraying his faith in Jesus. If he agreed, he will receive better treatment. He rejected that, chose to stand for truth, and suffered more persecution.
Harlan Popov desperately needed a Bible to aid his ministry with the men in prison. Harlan prayed to God, trusting that the impossible would happen - that he will somehow be provided with a Bible in prison. God answered Harlan's prayer in the most unexpected manner.
In four days, with no single word uttered, Harlan Popov won the soul of a next door prisoner to Christ. This he did by taking advantage of the "Prison Telegraph" - an amazing wordless means of communication among prisoners.