Kenyon Palmer’s Scrapbook

Publisher:The Gideons International
Library:Carey S. Thomas Library

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Once a scoffer began to read the Bible (placed in his hotel room by the Gideons) that he had scorned for so long, it was less than a week until he had surrendered to Christ and went on to become a minister of the very gospel he once mocked.
A traveling salesman stole a Bible—not knowing it was one—from a hotel room to have something to read on his long train journey home. By the time he got home, through that same stolen Bible, he was a changed man, and before long he led his wife and two children to this God he had found on the pages of a stolen book.
When a thoroughly worldly cattle-buyer is struck with eczema on both legs; he soon is unable to walk and his frustration, decided it was best to end his life. But just before he was to carryout his plan, he picked up the Bible in his hotel room, cried to God to show Himself then opened it to read. That day, as he called upon God—he was delivered—from death and from eczema.
When the police brought two erring teenage boys to Rev. R. E. Anderson so they will be turned over to their parents for punishment, he proposed that instead of reporting them to their parents, they read the gospel of John. They took his option and nine months later, both boys experienced the power of the gospel unto salvation.
When an atheist, who was well known for his hatred of Christianity and its adherents falls gravely ill, it was a believer from the faith he so desperately despised that came to his rescue when he was turned back from the hospital for lack of funds.
"I'm a living testimony to the truth of II Corinthians 5:17, for if any man ever turned about-face, I certainly did." This was the simple testimony of a mean and avowed atheist who found God on his sick-bed; after a discharged patient gave him a Bible to read.
Brother Palmer met with a lady,—said to be a most successful soul-winner—so he could hear her story. While nursing her sick sister, she picked a copy of the Gideon's Bible to ready out of boredom but as she did, the words, "Ye must be born again" stayed with her. And it was on that same day that she moved from death unto life.
A traveling salesman had taken to reckless living, but soon the futility of it all dawned on him and he considered taking his own life. But then he caught sight of the Gideon's Bible by his bedside and began reading. Challenged to “seek first the Kingdom of God,” the man asked for, and received, deliverance and salvation.
After Charles Whitcomb who was a traveling salesman, was shown his room by a 15 year old at a hotel in Michigan, he took the opportunity to witness Christ to the young boy, who readily accepted Jesus. Many years later, with Mr. Whitcomb already in heaven, that seed that was down in that hotel room was found to still be standing strong!
When a poor woman meets Kenyon Palmer, she shares gladly of her son who found the Lord Jesus on the pages on the Bible he so dutifully read even while on his death-bed.
English had concluded plans to end his life but only wanted to pass the night at a hotel before carrying out his plans. When he picked up the Bible in his hotel room, he had no idea where it was going to lead him but by morning, a new man, who went on to become a witness for Jesus, was born!
It was the Gideon's Bible, placed on a dresser, in the very room a young girl was about to commit sin that convicted her, and helped her resist the devil. For she picked the Bible, read it and asked God for forgiveness before fleeing the scene completely.
The Bible that was always in the hotel rooms he lodged, and which he read secretly, was what God used to prepare the heart of Jew to receive gladly, the message of salvation when it was finally preached to him; by a random stranger nonetheless.