Living Water

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Brother Yun learns to be forgiving and merciful even to his persecutors.
Brother Yun relates some of his experiences and the lesson that forgiveness is not a burden, it is an offer. Loving one's enemies and doing good to them starts with forgiveness.
After the 1949 Revolution, Christians in China suffered extreme persecution; thousands were killed, with many more left to rot in prison, foreign missionaries were sent away and churches destroyed. But all this was not enough to obliterate God's people - His beloved church emerged out of this, even stronger.
Brother Yun suffered imprisonment because of sin and disobedience, but he confessed and found forgiveness.
During a prayer meeting, a nearby mental hospital brought several of their patients. All of them were completely healed when they had an encounter with Jesus Christ.
Wave after wave of evangelists were sent to Sichuan Province, only to be beaten and sent back. Each group rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer for the Name of Jesus. Eventually the Gospel prevailed and took hold in Sichuan.