Chinese Diamonds For The King Of Kings

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Rosalind Goforth narrates two beautiful examples of answers to prayers in a little village in China - a carpenter shows up in a time of need, and an intercessors request is beautifully granted.
Dr. Dwan is astonished at the love foreign missionaries continue to show his people, despite the vile things that were being said about them. Dwan eventually makes a life-changing decision when he hears that Jesus is the source of this love the missionaries showed his people.
Dr. Dwan's decision to jettison idolatry and become a follower of Jesus did not go down well with his family and community at large. He became the target for mindless persecution, yet through it all he clung to his God - never flinching, never doubting.
A broken and contrite Wang-ee confessed to inflating the losses he suffered during the 1900 Boxer uprising, which ensured he received an undeserved amount in indemnity from the government. Wang-ee promised full restitution, and he kept his word.
Encouraged by the healing of a baby in answer to prayer after the doctors had given up, Sung-ta-sao decided to in like manner, pray and trust God for the healing of her little nephew. Her faith in God was rewarded as the little boy recovered completely from a terribly fatal disease.
The limitations posed by her physical appearance notwithstanding, Mrs. Sung committed to do whatever she could for the spread of the gospel. She tried to preach, but without success, and finally found a place to share the love of Jesus with sick people.
The Wang-chang-lings though uneducated, were committed to Christ Jesus and suffered greatly for Him. And even as they went through persecutions, the wife remained cheerful; couldn't stop herself from singing and the husband testified not of God never leaving him, but rather of His providing a means of escape. They remained in the faith until their transition to everlasting life.
Despite backsliding twice, Lu Yung Kwan found grace and mercy to truly become a new creation. He set up a business and used it to share with others about Jesus. From his earnings he gave generously to the Lord.
When a scheduled Women's Bible Training Class was cancelled, everyone was notified beforehand except Mrs. Lu who was forgotten. When she showed up for the cancelled meeting, Mrs Goforth was very sad that their carelessness had caused Mrs. Lu to make the strenuous journey. But little did she know that Mrs. Lu's coming was God's amazing solution to the very problem that caused for the meeting to be postponed.
Wang Pu Lin had given up on the possibility of becoming saved from addiction to opium. All his efforts had failed to save him. But the day he said he would rather die than yield to sin was the day he became alive to Christ.
Jonathan Goforth was becoming overwhelmed with the load of work he had to bear alone and decided to trust God in prayers with his wife for a helper. Two days later, "like rain falling from a clear sky", God met their need.
General Feng became a Christian after listening to Dr. Mott preach, but the seeds of the gospel he received that day had been sown. On two different occasions early in his military career, he encountered Christians who treated him when he was sick and refused any form of payment. Instead, they left him with the powerful words, “Remember there is a God in heaven Who loves you.”
Having tried several other means to have his mother delivered from demon possession to no avail, Chen called Mr. Hsu, a Christian, to come pray for his mother. Hsu made Chen renounce idolatry and then prayed for his mother who was completely delivered. So great was her deliverance that it made some neighbors accept the gospel.
Chen became a Christian after his mother was delivered from demonic oppression, after he first publicly burned all his household idols. He then left his business for a while to go learn more about the Gospel from Mr. Goforth, after which he returned to his home to teach others about Christ. He started a church and won souls into the Kingdom.
Chen's daughter died few days after she was cruelly beaten by an ill tempered woman. But contrary to what was the practice, Chen asked not for his daughter's murderer to be put to death or punished. His only request was that she be warned so no other child suffers his daughter's fate.
Realizing that they had erroneously cut off from God to focus only on controlling rampaging locusts from eating their crops, Chen called his entire family and led them to make their ways right with God before praying for a paralyzed child in the family. Their prayer was answered as the boy who could not leave his bed was out running!
Mrs. Ma's fear of getting turned back after enduring starvation and journeying a 100 miles with her little son to a mission compound where she hoped to find healing for her blind eyes were completely quashed when they arrived. For with loving kindness they were received, fed and her sight in one eye restored after she was operated upon. Eventually, she became a Christian and worker at the mission hospital she was treated.
Though Mrs. Chang left the mission hospital knowing she would soon die, she left as a completely different person. For no longer was she afraid of dying, she sang constantly about her hope in Jesus and just before dying pleaded with her loved not to weep at her grave saying; "I will not be there. I will be in Heaven".
Mrs Chang's deathbed scene - the courage she displayed, the peace and hope she had that she was heading to a better place was so profound that her husband, her son and his wife all became Christians. When her son's converted wife too was about to die, she displayed same courage in the face of death that a neighbor was led to Christ.
A surgery presented an opportunity to begin to counter the false stories that were been peddled against God's people in Honan. But if it the surgery goes wrong then everything could well be beyond redemption, even the missionaries will lose their lives. So they gathered and prayed to God for a successful surgery and He honoured their request.
A fourteen years old boy was attacked by a wolf and after months of trying in vain to help him themselves did the villagers let him be taken to a mission hospital. There he received so great a care that he and his mother opened themselves to the Lord and became Christians. So thankful was he to have found Jesus that he uttered one evening; "O Lord! I thank Thee for letting the wolf eat my face, for if he had not I might never have heard of this wonderful Saviour."