Totally Surrounded

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Christina Di Stefano Davis
Publisher:YWAM Publishing
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Pressed by a friend who reminded Christiana that “If you’re on God’s side, he calls you his special child. He will be your Father and always take care of you.”, Christiana began attending church, and eventually she made a commitment to follow Jesus, and to tell others about Him!
Inspired by a great cloud of modern missionary witnesses, Christiana desired to be a missionary to those who had never heard of Jesus before.
While Christiana was in a hurry join her friends, an inner voice spoke to her, telling her to talk with a girl who was studying under a tree. Christiana obeyed and engaged the girl, Lisa, in a conversation about Jesus. Lisa gave her life to Christ right then and there. Within a month, all of Lisa's family followed Christ.
Christina took the bold step to share the gospel with a village despite the opposition from witch doctors. The village Captain gave his life to Christ on the very first day.
When the need arose for a church building, the believers from the several villages in the Madras island came together and ensured that their collective need was met. The men, women and even children were all involved, with songs of praise on their lips, they were united in this labour of love.
A little girl with a physically abusive father found Christ when she wandered into a gathering of believers singing praises. A few months later in a drunken rage, she is terribly beaten by her father and dies as a result; but not without the hope of seeing Jesus.
Each time Jun Jun attended a gospel meeting and his father found out, he received a beating and had his Bible burnt. But even these beatings weren't enough to deter the youth who told his teacher, "Jesus did not quit when it was tough. He endured more for me than I can ever endure for him."
Christiana Davis wanted to prove the to a community of young believers that having accepted Christ, they were now on God's side and no one could be against them (Romans 8:31). And this she did, by doing what nobody ever attempted to do; she swam successfully in a dreaded pit that was believed by the people to house many evil spirits.
Mila who is a new Christian, learned to let go of her past beliefs and choose God as her only true God.