Dreams And Visions

Genre:People group
Subject:Muslim Background Believers
Publisher:Thomas Nelson
Library:Physical collection at walkingtogether.life

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Fatima al-Mutairi ignored the inevitable consequence of apostasy and jettisoned Islam for Christianity - a faith she came to accept from online interaction with other Muslims and her devoted study of the Bible online.
Aisha was in Mecca to perform hajj. One night, as she lay in her tent; tired from the day's trip round the Kaaba stone, yet unable to sleep; the Lord Jesus appeared to her in a vision, leaving her completely dumbfounded by the experience.
Rather than deny her faith, Fatima makes a bold statement. Her brother killed her as punishment for forsaking Islam.
In an amazing turn of events, Mohammed, a secret cop assigned to trail an underground believer in Syria becomes a Christian himself after he kept having dreams about Jesus.
Mateen was a Muslim from Afghanistan, on one of his lone hikes to the forest, he divinely encountered Jesus in a vivid vision. That one encounter was but the first of several encounters for him with Jesus, until he committed to following Christ.
At a great personal cost, Mateen committed his life to doing God's work - sharing the Gospel with Afghans. The beatings, arrests and imprisonment he suffered did nothing to deter him.