Soaring Higher

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Phil Eyster
Publisher:Aneko Press
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Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

A sick man publicly confessed his sin of disobedience. Within a few days, he recovered fully. He went on to become an ordained minister.
A teenage boy learns that he can either be Christian or Hindu but never both. He then makes the decision to choose Christianity alone. The result for him was overwhelming joy!
An Asian man tried different local cures and witch doctors, in an attempt to get his sick daughter healed, but nothing happened until she was prayed for by a Christian doctor. The miracle of her healing drove him to seek Christ, and he became a great witness for the Gospel of Jesus.
Bishal was a prominent Hindu priest who developed a virus and became blind and paralyzed, his quest for healing leads him to considering the reality of Jesus. A few days after this, he gets totally healed in an amazing manner.
When a woman's husband is arrested for being a pastor, she gathered her young children to pray for the men who had just whisked their father away. Twenty years later, the lesson of praying for your enemies stuck with her son, who, now orphaned; having had both his parents martyred by the police, was himself now also jailed for his faith.
A Christian lady who had her entire family wiped out for being Christians, is faced with a decision to flee or die. She finds safety and is granted asylum in the U.S.A after her miraculous escape from four communist minders while on a musical tour.
A famous Hindu priest immediately starts preaching Jesus when he is healed of paralysis and blindness. Soon, he is arrested, tortured and forced to deny Christ. But he held his ground, and upon his release; continued to preach the gospel leading many to Christ.
Bishal a famous Hindu priest who after looking for healing everywhere began to think of the reality of this Jesus, that resulted to an encounter that changed his life forever.
After an elderly man embraced Christianity, he burnt all his idols and a church started in his home. But soon, persecution, from his very own son began - he accused his father of insanity, denied him food and disrupted the church that had started in their home.
A hurting man was going to murder his cheating wife and her lover - his best friend. But as he came by a soccer field on his way to them, Dr Philip Eyster was preaching to a mob; proclaiming God's power to forgive anyone of anything. As he listened, the softer his heart became, until a dramatic change occured in him.
Yvone's overwhelming problems had led her to resolving to commit suicide. But on her way out of the market having purchased the rope with which she planned to kill herself, the greatest miracle in her life happened when the Holy Spirit drew her to Dr. Philip Eyster's preaching at the same market that night.