Memoirs of Revivals of Religion Published as an Autobiography

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While at Brownville, Charles Finney is instructed thus: ". . . in prayer the thing was all shown to me, as clear as light, that I must go and preach in Gouverneur, and that God would pour out His Spirit there." He obeyed and God did as He promised.
Charles Finney cried out to God when he was faced with strong opposition to his Revival work at Auburn. And in a vision from the Lord, he found strength and the assurance of victory, to ride the storm that was before him.
Charles Finney testifies of the remarkable power and authority with which Mr. Patterson preached the gospel and the conviction and revival it brought about.
Mr. H is further convicted of his sins and hypocrisy as he attempts to say the Lord's prayer in distress. The same prayer, when he surrendered his will fully, ushers him into great peace and a new life.