Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Genre:Biography or personal narrative
Subject:Nabeel Qureshi
Location:Grand Rapids
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Nabeel Qureshi clings strongly to Mathew 7:7-8 as he sought clarity from God about the genuineness of Islam and Christianity. It took five months, but God answered him.
Nabeel Qureshi saw himself in a dream unable to access a narrow door leading to a feast. Seeking further interpretation, he was asked to read Luke 13:22, he read it and realized that; it was time for him to decide and answer the call to salvation.
Nabeel Qureshi is astonished that God would bless someone who was not already righteous, but merely hungered and thirsted for righteousness.
Nabeel Qureshi is astonished that God would bless him at all, let alone for mourning.
God speaks clearly to Michelle about marrying Nabeel Qureshi. And in her own words: "In my obedience to marry Nabeel, which was happily in line with my desires, I found myself becoming beautifully refined..."
Out a desire to know God and be sure that his faith was no myth—Daniel Wallace—spurred on by a remark from his College Professor—went out to study like a workman who did not want to be ashamed. And his findings only strengthened his faith the more!
As Michael Licona set out to work on his doctorate degree. He went about doing his work with great diligence and an objectivity that remains admirable. The result of his hardwork not only solidified his faith in God but led to the publishing of the groundbreaking work, "Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach".
Four amazing stories showing God reaching out to unrelated unbelievers through dreams and drawing each of them to the gospel and to salvation.
An Iranian student had been struggling for months with the question, "Which is true, the Bible or the Koran?” But just one dream, wherein he saw and conversed with Jesus, was enough to clear his doubts and provide him with direction for the journey of faith.