Life’s Tapestry

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Martin Goldsmith
Publisher:OM Publishing
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15 year old Martin Goldsmith was constantly being bullied in boarding school. One evening while reading the Bible, he asked the Lord that no one would talk to him or bully him for the next 24 hours. The next day, God did the impossible by honouring Martin's prayer request.
When Martin Goldsmith's request for a miracle from God was amazingly granted, an excited Martin surrendered his life to Christ - for he had seen that God truly is alive and works miracles; even for little folks like himself.
As part of a team preaching the Gospel in Toxteth, Liverpool, Martin Goldsmith experienced for the first time, the reality of suffering for Christ. They were attacked by a crowd of youths who rained stones on them, leaving several of them hurt.
In a move that was inspired by the action of the Apostles in the book of Acts, a missionary dares to walk on a sacred land amongst the Karo Batak. The land was said to contain evil spirits and anyone who walked on it will die. To the surprise of the villagers, the missionary did not die showing that Christ was above all. Many came to faith in Christ because of this action.
Martin Goldsmith and his wife, Elizabeth prayed for rain after the birth of their new child which happened to be in a dry season. Rain fell, but only within their town. They praised God for answering their prayers.
Martin Goldsmith almost reneged on his promise to speak at a church's mission weekend, when presented with a seemingly better opportunity to speak at a bigger church. But he honoured his promise after he got reminded that Christians must be trustworthy!