God’s Smuggler

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Brother Andrew
Publisher:Chosen Books
Location:Grand Rapids
Library:Physical collection at walkingtogether.life

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Brother Andrew and a group of young people trust God to provide for tea and cake. God provides in a miraculous way.
This story has inspired so many others to trust God in difficult situations, that it is referred to as the "Smuggler's Prayer." Like when the apostle Peter was led out of jail past four guards who never saw him leaving, Brother Andrew prayed that the Yugoslavian border guards would be blind to his load of Bibles.
The KGB were well aware of what Brother Andrew was doing, which he found out after perestroika and the reunification of East and West Germany. It became obvious that Brother Andrew was not a clever smuggler or spy. Instead it was clear that God intervened time and time again to hide his activities from the KGB.