C. T. Studd Cricketer & Pioneer

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C. T. Studd was traveling long distances on foot in China. His feet broke down and one became infected and swollen, to the point that he could not wear shoes. He and one of his companions read James 5:14-15, obeyed it and found complete healing.
C. T. Studd's wife was dangerously close to dying during childbirth. They were of the same mind to pray and trust God. C. T. Studd anointed her with oil in the name of the Jesus, and she was healed.
C. T. Studd was dangerously ill with the "African fever." He asked the elder of the local congregation, and man in his twenties, to anoint him with oil and pray. Only having kerosene, the young man anointed Studd's forehead, prayed, and the next morning the fever was gone.
God sends CT Studd some new teeth through a dentist Doctor, Mr. Buck, who arrived at the very heart of Africa despite earlier rejections for his application to become a missionary.