Defying Jihad

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When Esther Ahmad's mother learned her daughter had become a Christian, she physically attacked her. But God's promise brought comfort and helped Esther to "rejoice and be exceedingly glad."
Esther Ahmad's mother suddenly fell in the market, she prayed for her in the name of Jesus. Instantly, she is healed in what a doctor said "It's a miracle".
Esther Ahmad challenges her former chemistry teacher to pray for spiritual hunger and thirst.
Esther Ahmad shares how her habit of praying to God; asking for their daily bread, got their needs consistently met by Him in simple and amazing ways.
Esther Ahmad and her daughter; Amiyah, met a Muslim woman at a bus station in Malaysia. The woman's admiration for little Amiyah instantly turned to violent hatred when she learned that they were Christians. But Esther was quick to remind her bruised 3 year old to always choose love.