The Pilgrim Church

Genre:General missions
Subject:General Missions
Publisher:Pickering & Inglis Ltd.
Library:Project Gutenberg Australia

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

For providing refuge to travelling preachers, Sir John Oldcastle was burnt to death in Wales, becoming the first English nobleman to die for the faith.
Many believers were arrested and viciously put to death for their faith. Hans Leupold, a church elder, was one of them - while in prison, Hans composed a beautiful hymn that has now brought consolation and encouragement to suffering saints.
Banished forever to Siberia from all comfort because of her conviction and proclamation about Christ, Maria has no regrets whatsoever and that brings another witness to the scene in her stead.
An ex-soldier returns from battle to his village, having encountered Christ while away. Starting with his neighbor, daily they read the scriptures and gladly they endured persecution, until a new community of believers, modelling their lives after the early church was formed in the village.