The Life Of Trust Being a Narrative of the Lord’s Dealings With George Müller

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:George Müller
Publisher:Gould And Lincoln
Library:Open Library

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A beautiful story by George Müller that shows God's commitment to His children lacking no good thing that they ask for.
George Muller lacked funds for the day's orphanage needs. God provided throughout the day, just in time for each need.
A brother whose relationship was severed with his father on account of his becoming a Christian was returning to see his father after a long time. George Müller and the brother cried to God for not just a good reception for this brother but for the salvation of his father too; holding into the promise in Matthew 18:9 and in the fullness of time, both requests were graciously granted.
George Müller was decided in his heart about asking only God for help with all that will be needed to execute the work he was stewarding. He turned down a potentially great offer, choosing to rely on God alone in prayer and was greatly rewarded for his complete faith in God.
There was a need for a stove at an orphan school at Callowhill street and despite repeated prayers, there was no answer. However, just when the answer to this prayer could not be further delayed, the Lord showed up; supplying more than was needed to get the stove.