The Sky Is Red

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Mrs. Taylor gave her life to Christ one morning while cleaning the house, her husband had done the same some days earlier. What followed was a rich family heritage of faith in Christ.
Three young native women who had given their lives to Christ were kidnapped by a Mau Mau group. They were offered the rites of initiation into this cult however they rejected it at the detriment of their lives. They died for their faith in Jesus. “O blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”
During a time of persecution against believers, Joseph Allein was arrested on his way to preach. He suffered greatly in prison and eventually died from the pains caused by his incarceration.
Fifteen year old girl stands firm in her resolve to honor only Jesus, and pays the price.
In 1958, the Chinese Government unleashed widespread arrest and persecution of Christians. Rather than discourage the believers, they were willing to suffer. And even when arrested, they used prison to preach the gospel, leading many more to faith in Jesus.