Return Of The Raider

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Jacob DeShazer
Publisher:Creation House
Location:Lake Mary
Library:Physical collection at

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By replacing hate for one of his captors with love, Jake made a friend out of an enemy.
A young lady who had attempted suicide more than once accepts Jesus into her life after hearing Jake preach about how God taught him forgiveness and then replaced his hatred for the Japanese with love.
The remarkable story of Peggy Coveil's forgiveness of her parent's murderers and Jesus' statement in Like 23:24: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", helped Fuchida; an ex soldier let go of the hate in his heart and led him to embrace Jesus as his personal savior.
When Captain Mitsuo Fuchida; pearl harbor's commander, gave the powerful testimony of his conversion to Christianity and the power of forgiveness over revenge to a crowd in Osaka, he appealed to the crowd's war weariness, declaring that "real peace comes only through Christ" - about 500 people accepted the call to come Jesus that day.