Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Captain Tarmak tried to break Vanya and make him renounce his faith by confining him without food for five days. The officer returned hoping to find a broken man. But Vanya was unbroken since the Lord had blessed and sustained him.
An Angel appeared to Vanya creating a presence of pure joy and reassuring him saying “Do not be afraid. Go. I am with you.”
Vanya was sentenced to spend the night in freezing cold as punishment for his belief in Jesus, he turned the time into a prayer session and he was warm up till morning!
Vanya Moiseyev was gravely injured when a truck rolled over his shoulder. But God had great plans to heal him completely for the Soviet atheist doctors and military personnel to see for themselves.
Vanya had an encounter with an angel that took him to other worlds and showed him different prominent Biblical figures. His neighbor did not believe him when he narrated the encounter to him.
In an attempt to mock Vanya and his God, one sergeant told him that “If your God is all-powerful and is alive and can do everything, then let Him get me a leave tomorrow to go home. Then I’ll believe in Him!” All the other soldiers joined in the agreement. To their amazement, the sergeant was granted leave the next day.
In an attempt to break his resolve, Vanya was sent to Sverdlovsk for reeducation; there he had to endure the most heinous tortures. But through all of this, Vanya was not broken; instead, he asserted his believe in the supremacy of God's will over the will of his persecutors.
God saved Vanya and a sergeant's lives by causing a minor delay while they were traveling. They discovered several moments later that there's been a grisly accident with casualties; they would have died if not for the delay.
When Vanya Moiseyev was martyred for the witness of Jesus, his family chose to rejoice even while grieving, in "his exploits of suffering" for the Jesus he so dearly loved.