Hey Preach You’re Comin’ Through

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:David Wilkerson
Publisher:Flemming H. Revell
Location:Old Tappan
Library:Physical collection at walkingtogether.life

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David Wilkerson shares about his grandfather, a poorly educated man, who was used powerfully by God to heal the sick and proclaim His word.
David Wilkerson gave his life to Christ as a young person at a Christian camp. From that night onward, a fire for God burned in his soul. While his peers were playing, he was praying; while they were watching movies, he was seeking God or reading the Bible.
After 10 years of torment from envy at David Wilkerson, a minister finally confesses to David and asked for forgiveness. David readily forgave him.
Several young people openly confess their sins at the close of a great city crusade.