Christian Progress in China

Genre:People group
Publisher:The Religious Tract Society
Library:Open Library

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Mr. Liu Pao Lin was suffering from Opium addiction while his wife was suffering from an illness that had kept her down for four years. When he saw how Chang Ho Ching had been delivered from opium addiction after accepting Jesus, he began to consider becoming a Christian. That began a chain of events that led to deliverance from opium addiction, the healing of his wife and the establishment of a worship hall in his village.
God delivered a man, his father, and his uncle from opium addiction.
Wong Kiu taik was willing to forego his family for the sake of Christ.
Even after Mr. Fan became a believer of Jesus, he experienced great trials but was able to go through them with God's grace.
To his family, Song-To was nothing but a huge source of disgrace, and to his city; a notorious evil doer. But a new man was born when Song-To surrendered to Jesus, the evident reformation in his life caused his neighbors and many more to seek the Lord.