Christian Progress in China

Genre:People group
Publisher:The Religious Tract Society
Library:Open Library

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Mr. Chang Chih-heng was haunted by the fear of death, and not until his decision to trust Jesus with his life did this fear loose the grip it had over him.
Mr. Liu Pao Lin was suffering from Opium addiction while his wife was suffering from an illness that had kept her down for four years. When he saw how Chang Ho Ching had been delivered from opium addiction after accepting Jesus, he began to consider becoming a Christian. That began a chain of events that led to deliverance from opium addiction, the healing of his wife and the establishment of a worship hall in his village.
God delivered a man, his father, and his uncle from opium addiction.
Wong Kiu taik was willing to forego his family for the sake of Christ.
After Shih Ch’ing-lan and his father were both helped by God to break free from decades of addiction to opium-smoking, the two men consulted together and decided it was Jesus and not idols, that they wanted to serve henceforth and in one accord, they took their false gods and idols and had them burnt.
When Mr. Sung, who was at the time an unbeliever saw a boy with the Gospel of Mathew, he asked to borrow the book, which started a chain of events that not only led Mr. Sung and his wife to Christ, but also transformed their troubled marriage.
Wong Kiu-taik's conversion to Christianity unsettled his mother deeply, using every tool at her disposal; from blackmail, to scolding and outright threats, she tried her best to shake his determination. But Wong, having our his hands on the plough, did not look back and throughout the time she disowned him, he clung resolutely to his God.
When Chu Sao-ngan was told the one condition upon which he would be allowed to inherit his father's and uncle's estate—which if given will make him wealthy—Chu simply declared, "The property may go: I believe in Jesus, and shall worship Him all the days of my life."
Though uneducated, Yii-ki-fang was a model Christian; he was diligent in his ways and commanded the respect of many. When he later fell ill and death came knocking, he was not afraid. Even his last moments, he used to witness about Jesus; he died embracing the cross.
Even after Mr. Fan became a believer of Jesus, he experienced great trials but was able to go through them with God's grace.
To his family, Song-To was nothing but a huge source of disgrace, and to his city; a notorious evil doer. But a new man was born when Song-To surrendered to Jesus, the evident reformation in his life caused his neighbors and many more to seek the Lord.
A woman bears witness to the trueness of the faith of a poor widow from her village. She forsook idolatry, loved the Lord and didn't mind going hungry, or even starving to death for the sake of her Lord.
Mr. Hunt, a medical missionary in China, shares the story of his intervention to help save the life of an opium addict who had been given up for dead by many, and how that very act of help and kindness attracted the brother of this saved man to a gospel meeting.
Rev. David Hill was visiting the town of Hwang Su Kang when a poor man rushed to him with handfuls of peaches. He had come to give thanks for the kindness and help shown him by Dr. Mackenzie and the Mission hospital at Hankow when he was very ill.
When a Chinese man suffering from addiction to opium came to an opium hospital for help, he finds more than just help to break away from addiction—he finds the Lord Jesus Christ. He left the hospital a new man and on reaching home; he renounced idolatry and before long his entire family too were admitted into the church of God.