Arthur T. Pierson

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Arthur T. Pierson
Publisher:Fleming H. Revell Company
Location:New York
Library:Open Library

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Arthur T. Pierson is confronted with the reality of how his ambition has dominated his earthly pursuits, which kept him from foreign missions. The Holy Spirit leads him to open confession, prayer, and deliverance.
Arthur T. Pierson delighted in being the answer to the prayers of others, he was happy to be God's messenger in a time of dire need. In times of plenty or few, he gave joyfully, to meet the needs of others.
Arthur T. Pierson proved by his life, the faithfulness of God in answering the prayers of His children. In answer to prayers; he miraculously found his lost overcoat, had his early morning request on the financial needs of his family met at breakfast the same day, and got in just a day, almost all the funds needed to build a new chapel at Nowgong.
In a prayer meeting, more than fifty clergymen confess to different sins including ambition.