And The Villages Thereof

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Maud Elizabeth Boaz
Publisher:Morgan & Scott

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

A woman who surrendered her life to Christ backslide as a result of pressure from those around her who were unbelievers. The Lord used an illness to chasten her and rebuke her, she repented of her sin and returned to fellowship with believers.
A man who claimed to be an exorcist is overpowered by the evil spirit in a girl. The evil spirit entered him, made him unsettled, and destabilized his life. One day, he tore off his clothes and fled from the village naked. When the sister of the young girl exhibited the same symptoms, she was prayed for by a Christian and instantly healed, displaying the power of Christ.
In obedience to Christ, a woman refused to perform the evil cultural practices of worshiping idols. Her grandchild fell ill soon afterward and her neighbor's interpreted it as a punishment from the gods. They exhorted her to worship the gods. Instead, she prayed to Jesus with faith and her grandchild was healed.