Gods Tribesman the Rochunga Pudaite Story

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One night, over 50 Ao Naga students threatened to behead Rochunga after a face-off he had with one of them. But as Rochunga brought his case before the Lord, not only was he able to sleep soundly that very night having obtained God's protection, but his enemies will two days later come to him seeking his forgiveness.
Based on an entirely false allegation, Ro became a marked man with several threats and actual attempts made to end his life. But through it all, Ro prayed for and forgave his enemies and when the dust settled, he went to prison to ask for the release of the very men who wanted to kill him.
Ro knew to pray in every situation but also learned to trust a child's faith, when his daughter prayed and their vacation was salvaged.
Ro might have missed an opportunity at being a parliament member but he didn't miss what the lord wanted him to do in India at the time he went there.