The History and Diaries of an Indian Christian

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Having abandoned heathenism for Christianity, Guanamoottoo's unbelieving relations gathered to punish him and another Christian for breaking their caste. But as the two Christian men cried to the Lord for help, and for forgiveness of their persecutors. Even before their prayer was over, the Lord delivered them.
Aroolappen's family were entirely out of food supplies and had failed to get any help from those who could help. He turned to prayer, literally asking God: “Give us this day our daily bread.” Soon afterwards, help, from brethren he had never even seen before, came his family's way.
A revival breaks out amongst young people and children. Several prayers groups were formed where young people met together, sang psalms, and sought after God. In Heriot's hospital, the character of the boys was completely transformed as a result of the prayer meetings; where they were once regarded as rude, they were called kind, where they were known to be vicious to one another they were recognized to have a love for one another and their hospital was called "Bethel",
A missionary testified of the outpouring of God's spirit amongst believers in Arulappen and how that brought a noticeable change in the lives of the people.