Refining Fire

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Brother Yeusung is challenged by a Christian sister's obedience of the Biblical injunction to preach in and out of seasons. He watched this sister on bus ride boldly declare the good news in John 3:16 (after her Bible was seized) to not just anyone but to an officer of the "Liberation Army"; a widely feared group.
When Stephen Cheung is arrested and treated like a dangerous criminal, he considers this to be a blessing, to suffer for the name of Christ.
Stephen Cheung counted as nothing his suffering in prison, but with the peace of God in his heart, he rejoiced at being an ambassador in chains for the gospel.
When Stephen Cheung was arrested for the second time, he knew he would be in prison for a long time and this time, he will be leaving his pregnant wife all alone. But yet again, he rejoiced at being worthy to suffer for Christ.
Even though illegal, Stephen Cheung smuggled a hymn book to prison and himself and Father Yeh made it habit to sing hymns to the Lord together.
A beautiful story of three believers who rejoiced at being counted worthy to suffer disgrace for Christ's sake - while one was imprisoned for twenty years, two gladly payed the ultimate price.