Even In Our Darkness

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Ruth called to inform Jack of an angiogram revealing an aneurysm in her head; effectively making her brain susceptible to exploding like a time bomb. Upon receiving the news, Jack and Leesa went over to lay hands on and pray with Ruth. A few days later, Ruth called to break the most amazing news; she was healed!
A chronically depressed woman requested for prayers for her lusting after men's approval. As Dr. White laid hands on her and began praying she began to exhibit the signs of demonic possession but as he invoked the name of Jesus, the storm was quieted and peace returned to the woman.
Ruby, Gunner's sixteen year old daughter, was shot in the back and died as she tried to flee from Billy Rupp who wanted to rape her. But even after Gunner caught Billy, he sought no vengeance but instead forgave him, visited him in jail and eventually led him to Christ before he was executed by the State of California.
When a student walked into Dr. Jack's office to submit a late assignment, the Lord took Jack on a trance wherein it was revealed to him that the student was suffering from an addiction to pornography. Back from his trance, Jack mentioned this to the student who confessed and agreed to be prayed for. For ten years after that prayer, Jack still received messages from this student thankfully informing him that "the weight that had lifted hadn’t returned".
Dr. Jack Deere met this stranger at a meeting who told him God had given him a message for him via a dream. He went on to state with puzzling accuracy, things about Dr. Deere's life no one else could know, including a personal prayer of Dr. Deere and assuring him of God's intention to answer his prayer.
A woman who had been diagnosed with diastematomyelia - a split spinal cord - since from birth was scheduled for a delicate surgery that could leave her paralyzed or even dead. But after John Wimber prayed for her in San Diego, the most amazing miracle happened and was confirmed by her doctor; she now had one spinal cord!